• My 3 Minimalist Essentials (And How to Find Yours)

    It feels weird to talk about minimalist essentials when I don’t even call myself a minimalist. See, I feel like labeling people as minimalists or non-minimalists creates box-like thinking. Which, in turn, can spiral into a destructive “us vs. them” mentality. But here’s the thing: I do like to make this distinction — minimalist vs. non-minimalist — with the […]

  • How to Appreciate the Little Things in Life Again (4 Simple Ideas)

    It crushes me to say this, but it’s true: For the longest time, I never knew how to appreciate the little things in life. And so, even my greatest achievements caused great disappointments. When I submitted my bachelor thesis after six months of draining work I was dead-tired for two weeks straight. All I could […]

  • 5 Sneaky Downsides of Minimalism (I See No One Talking About)

    There’s a reason why minimalism has garnered such a massive following over the past few years: It’s a remarkable idea. The core concept is simple, accessible, sustainable, financially attractive, and even therapeutic for most people. Minimalism encourages you to focus on what matters most while eliminating all the junk. It’s exactly what we need in […]

  • A History of Loneliness: How We Invented the Terror of Isolation

    It’s hard to say when the history of loneliness exactly begins. But one thing is clear: Loneliness is a deeply inherent human feeling. It developed as a survival instinct — like hunger — to signal us the importance of companionship. And because our brain software hasn’t really changed for millennia, this feeling of loneliness is still the same as […]

  • How to Simplify Your Sleep: 3 Steps to Go to Bed Earlier Tonight

    It happened again. I feel as though a truck ran over me while I was sleeping. My brain is more like a blob of porridge than a block of well-functioning neurons. I’m uninspired, moody, and, of course, tired. The reason is something I’ve been struggling with for quite some time: Going to bed earlier. Or, […]

  • The 2-Word Concept That Makes Everything You Do Feel Effortless

    A few months ago, a 15-minute run changed my life forever. For the first time in my life, I experienced the true power of Wu Wei. I know, I know, it sounds stupid. But let me explain. I used to have a toxic relationship with running. On every run, I’d tell myself, “You have to […]

  • 3 Simple Ways to Become a Minimalist (Without Selling All Your Stuff)

    One of the biggest misconceptions about minimalism is that you should basically own nothing. The strange vibe I often get from articles, videos, or pictures boils down to this: “If you own more than 100 items, you’re not a minimalist.” “If you wear more than one outfit, you’re not a minimalist.” “If you cling to […]

  • 3 Huge Misconceptions About Loneliness

    The first time I remember feeling lonely — really lonely — was when I moved out from home. I was 18 and felt like the whole world was at my feet. My grand vision was to become an engineer, earn lots of money, and travel the world. And while two of these things happened (not the money), I was […]

  • Mental Minimalism: 4 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Mind

    Once upon a time, a student visited a wise master to learn about Zen. The master welcomed him and said, “Sure, let’s talk about this over some tea.” He poured the student a cup of tea and kept pouring until the cup was overflowing. Not sure what to do, the student watched the spilling tea […]

  • Why We’re Doomed to Be Unhappy (But That’s Okay)

    Let’s be completely honest here: We spend most of our lives doomed to be unhappy. In the summer it’s too hot. During winter it’s too cold. Everything in between is too inconsistent and unpredictable. We crave relationships. But once we get into them, we complain that they’re messy and complicated. We like the idea of […]