After experimenting with lots of different approaches, I realized the best way to express myself is through writing. One day, I might set sails into different waters (like podcasting), but for now, these are the things I’m up to at the moment…

I write on Medium.

I’ve been writing on since March 2021. Since then, my articles were featured directly on the homepage. I’ve also reached over 100,000 readers and published over 150+ pieces. My current topics include philosophy, loneliness, and minimalism.

I write a newsletter.

Every two weeks I send out my Thoughtful Thursday newsletter. It’s a meditation on living a more intentional, fulfilled life. Each edition includes exclusive updates, eye-opening ideas, and meaningful content recommendations. All for free. Zero spam.

I write a book.

Well, I’m trying to write a book. It’s a book about loneliness and human connection. And rather than filling pages in my quiet chamber, I decided to make my progress public. Follow me as I get closer to finishing the manuscript and feel free to leave comments and suggestions.