After experimenting with lots of different approaches, I realized the best way to express myself is through writing. One day, I might set sails into different waters (like podcasting), but for now, these are the things I’m up to at the moment…

I run a book club.

If I learned one thing as a philosophy student and professional reader, it’s this: discourse catalyzes great ideas. Reading in a community keeps us committed, challenges us to read deeper, and makes the whole thing less lonely. We read a new book every month or so and dissect its wisdom. Together. The central thread is: what does it mean to live a good live? And how can we attain it?

No pesky Zoom meetings. No assignments. No fluff.

Just pure bookish wisdom.

I write a newsletter.

Every two weeks I send out my Thoughtful Thursday newsletter. It’s a meditation on living a more intentional, fulfilled life. Each edition includes exclusive updates and one eye-opening idea.

All for free. Zero spam.

I write on Medium.

I’ve been writing on since March 2021. Since then, my articles were featured directly on the homepage. I’ve also reached over 100,000 readers and published over 150+ pieces. My current topics include philosophy, loneliness, and minimalism.

I create a book.

Well, I’m trying to write a book. It’s a book about loneliness and human connection. And rather than filling pages in my quiet chamber, I decided to make my progress public. Follow me as I get closer to finishing the manuscript and feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

I study philosophy.

After quitting my master’s degree in engineering, I vowed to myself to never return to university. I wanted to become a full-time writer instead. But writing is a lonely profession. I learned this the hard way, and it took me nearly two years to learn what that really meant. You read so many great things and get so many exciting ideas, but alas, no one’s there in your chamber to talk about them.

So I broke my vow. I wanted to be among like-minded people. I’m not sure where studying philosophy will lead me, but for now, it’s a nice counterweight to penning down my thoughts in my lonely chamber.

Last updated on June 14th from Munich, Germany.