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I’m an engineer turned writer, who writes about minimalism, loneliness, and philosophy.

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“Superb article, prob one of the best I’ve read regarding this topic 👏”

Paul J.

This is genius.”


“Probably the best (for me) thing I’ve ever seen on reading.”

Roy C.

“What an incisive and illuminating article. Thank you for taking the time to write it.”

Rowan A.

This is a fab article, thanks so much.”

Cathy O.

“Usually I stay away from the sudden influx of new year pieces, but this one really surprised me, its definitely different from the rest.”

Julian B.

These are fantastic considerations, thank you! I will incorporate them into my life 😊💚”

Craigus M.

“Thank you for this, Stephan! It hit all the right notes for me today. Cheers!”

Mark F.

“I came across this article a second time and enjoyed it just as much as the first.”

Josie P.


Reema S.

“Wonderfully written! I’m getting up and journaling because of this

Haroon I.