• The 3 Most Valuable Insights I Gained in 2022

    In the past year, I published 72 articles, sent out 21 newsletters, and generated roughly 1,000 ideas. I also built a website and started toying around with several book ideas. This is a problem. Not in the sense that I should’ve churned out more content, but rather that it’s too much information. See, all wisdom […]

  • Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman: Top 5 Lessons

    One of the things I love most about this book is the author’s personal history. You see, long before publishing Four Thousand Weeks, Oliver Burkeman wrote a weekly column on productivity. He’s a productivity geek. A guru. He knows every trick in the book — and added a few chapters. Did it make him happier, though? Complete, […]

  • McMinimalism Is Sabotaging Your Quest for a Simpler Life

    Minimalism has become mainstream. And honestly, it’s easy to see why: With thousands of ads, notifications, and inputs bombarding your brain every day, minimalism promises an effective antidote to chaos. If you trim down your life to the essentials, you’ll finally gain space to breathe. That’s the promise, at least. But here’s the big fat […]

  • ‘The Last Time:’ A Simple Idea to Savor Your Life

    Recently, a relative told me a bizarre story. It all started like a typical day, he told me. He drove to work and did his job as usual. At lunch, one of his co-workers approached him. “You know what,” she said unsuspectingly, “I feel like I need to exercise again. It’s been a while.” Of […]

  • The Loneliness Formula Explains Why You Feel Lonely (And What to Do About It)

    Loneliness is a complex, confusing, and diverse sensation. Chances are, we’ll never be able to express it fully. But we can try. In fact, we should try because most people still have misconceptions about loneliness. We’ve all experienced this painful feeling but often struggle to put it into words. What’s worse, loneliness has become stigmatized […]

  • Sleeping on the Floor: An Obscure Practice That Drastically Simplified My Life

    I was skeptical. Actually, that’s an understatement. I was suspicious, wary, and immensely critical. Sleeping on the floor just always seemed so strange to me. If anything, it was a cliché promoted by minimalist influencers to propagate their lifestyle — never a worthwhile custom, though. But then, something changed. I moved to Munich. And as this is […]

  • Don’t Be in the Moment

    Don’t Be in the Moment

    Recently, I visited Liseberg — a stunning amusement park in Göteborg, Sweden. It promised an absurd amount of fun. But when I got on the most popular roller coaster — a majestic, green, space-themed colossus of steel — something strange happened: I was stressed out. Not because I’m scared of rollercoasters or heights (it’s quite the opposite, actually). But rather because […]

  • A Simpler Life: Lessons From Living With 49 Items for 30 Days 

    One month ago, I started solo traveling through Northern Europe with nothing but a small hiking backpack. Inside: 49 of the most essential things I own. (More on the exact list of items later.) And so, for the next 30 days, my entire livelihood would literally sit on my shoulders. During this trip, I worked […]

  • 3 Deep Lessons from Greenlights (and Why You Should Get the Audiobook)

    Ironically, I’ve never been a huge fan of Matthew McConaughey. The only noteworthy thing I used to know about him was the insane number of “Murphs” he dropped in Interstellar.  But then, I picked up his memoir Greenlights on a whim. (It was a long train ride, and I needed some soothing words in my […]

  • The 3-Question Method That Makes Everything You Buy More Meaningful

    I used to fill my life with a lot of empty crap. Another fancy watch. A new smartphone for no reason. Clothes I only wore once. And that was nice for a while… But over time, I realized a disquieting truth: I’d filled my life with empty stuff to feel better about myself, externalize my […]