Tag: Personal Growth

  • 3 Key Lessons From Rest by Alex Pang

    Sometimes you’re lucky enough to read a book when you really need it. For me, Rest by Alex Pang was such a book. See, at the time, I was spinning too many plates. Heavy plates. On the one hand, I did a full-time master’s program where I was head over heels in projects and courses. […]

  • Deep Reading: The Skill to Absorb Everything You Read

    Deep reading helped me level up my reading practice in every possible way: I become totally absorbed in books. Everything I read is more memorable. Books are more attractive to me than social media. Ironically, I discovered it after a long and painful reading drought that was caused by… reading too much. See, I stopped […]

  • This Is How You Beat Perfectionsm

    In case you’re wondering: Yes. I put that typo in the headline on purpose. Because one day, I’d like to be that kind of person. One who doesn’t sweat the details but still delivers remarkable work. An imperfectionist.  After all, you still understood the title and clicked on it, right? Maybe you even clicked on […]

  • This Is the (Crucial) Difference Between Loneliness and Being Alone

    The language we use to talk about loneliness (if we ever talk about it) is like scrambled eggs. We put all the vocabulary in a humungous frying pan, give it a sturdy whisk, and add ingredients according to our fantasy and imagination. For instance, a friend recently told me, “I like being lonely.” But what […]

  • The 3 Types of Loneliness: A Simple Model for Deeper Connections

    One of the most frustrating things about loneliness? It’s complex. Everyone experiences different kinds of loneliness in different stages of their lives. Loneliness is not a lightbulb we can turn on and off; it’s a vast spectrum of brightness, colors, and temperatures. But that doesn’t mean we’re powerless. Quite the opposite: With just a few […]

  • Mental Minimalism: 4 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Mind

    Once upon a time, a student visited a wise master to learn about Zen. The master welcomed him and said, “Sure, let’s talk about this over some tea.” He poured the student a cup of tea and kept pouring until the cup was overflowing. Not sure what to do, the student watched the spilling tea […]

  • Effortless Journaling: How to Start Journaling and Stick to It

    Journaling is the most valuable habit I’ve ever discovered. Everything good in my life — improved mental health, sharper writing, greater happiness, better decisions — I can trace all these things back to keeping a journal for the past five years. This is because journaling is a highly effective keystone habit. What does that mean? Charles Duhigg tells us […]

  • 5 Lessons From Dune by Frank Herbert

    (Note: This article will include elements of Dune’s early plot, but it will not contain any spoiler material.) When the credits of Dune rolled on the big screen, I was blown away. In fact, I was still trembling when I walked out of the theater. What is it about this world leaves me shaken to […]